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The 2019 Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit will happen at SMX Convention Center, MOA, Pasay City, on January 19, 2019. Here are the details you need to know.

Who are the speakers in the 2019 LES?

  • Jon Orana | CEO, Negosyo University
    • He is the founder of Negosyo University and he has been in online business for over a decade and has personally coached over 3,000 online entrepreneurs in the Philippines.
    • And on Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit, he will reveal the blueprint of his online coaching business that generated close to Php 70 Million.
  • Lish Aquino | Philippines’ Amazon Queen

    • Lish Aquino is an Amazon VA turned  Amazon Seller who makes 7-figures per month while only working 4-6 hours per week.

    • Now, she helps Filipinos do the same. She coaches Filipinos who want to become 6-figure VAs and 7-figure Amazon Sellers.

    • On January 19, she’ll show you how to dominate on Amazon — the world’s leading eCommerce website — and create a lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Laurent Dionisio | Serial Entrepreneur and 6-figure Affiliate Marketer

    • Laurent Dionisio is a “Super Affiiliate Marketer.” He kept winning affiliate contests held by online business owners in the early 2010s. And thanks to that, he started earning 6-figures per month and eventually quit his corporate job.

    • Today, he is the Marketing Head of Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club. Laurent is also the founder of Ascend Financials (a financial education company), owns a few retail stores and co-owns an accountancy firm.

    • On January 19, he’ll share his online journey of being an affiliate marketer, the do’s and don’ts of affiliate marketing, and how to create your own online courses.

  • John “The Legend” Pagulayan | 7-Figure Freelancer

    • John “The Legend” Pagulayan is arguably the best email copywriter in the Philippines…and one of the very few Filipino freelancers who consistently makes 7-figures per month.

    • Before that, John struggled to make ends meet. He didn’t graduate college and had to work odd jobs to support his family. The trajectory of his life changed when he became a call center agent.

    • On January 19, he’ll share his story, what he did when he was starting out, and how to go from 0 to six-figures through freelancing.

  • Julian Canita | Facebook Advertising Expert

    • Julian Canita is the country’s leading Facebook Ad Strategist. He helps businesses (both foreign and local) get 10-20X ROI in their advertising campaigns.

    • He continually conducts workshops and releases affordable courses to help Filipinos master Facebook ads.

    • On January 19, that’s what he’ll do as well. He’ll show you how to use Facebook Ads to build trust, generate leads, and acquire new clients on auto-pilot.

  • Miguel Campaner | Direct-Response Copywriting Expert

    • Miguel Campaner is one of the best direct-response copywriters in the Philippines. And he’s the copywriter influencers — like Bo Sanchez, Allan Ngo, J3 Patino, Lish Aquino, and many more — go to when they need advertising and marketing material written.

    • He’s known for helping online businesses generate millions during product launches. His most recent win was helping a coach generate P5-million in 2 days.

    • On January 19, he’ll show you how to sell more products online, build a following, and create a loyal tribe of paying customers.

Who must attend the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit (LES)?

Employees who want to start an online business on the side. LES’ advice has always stayed the same: “quit your job when your side income has equal or surpassed your job’s monthly income.

On January 19, you’ll learn how to do that. The speakers will show you the exact steps, our thought processes, the do’s and don’t’s, how to do it safely, and so much more.

Freelancers who want to take their game to the next level. If you’re a struggling freelancer, you feel you’re “stuck” or not earning the fees you deserve, this is definitely for you.

John “The Legend” Pagulayan will show you how to go from 0 to six figures in 30 days. PLUS, how to attract clients that’ll pay you high fees.

Marketers who want fresh ideas on how to market and sell their products online. Laurent Dionisio, Lish Aquino and Jon Orana will share tips, tactics, strategies, and systems we’ve used to create million-peso product launches.

Business Owners who want clarity on how a strong online presence can help them reach new customers, expand their business, and earn more money. Julian Canita and Miguel Campaner will show you automated and systematic ways on how to reach more customers and consistently convert them into buyers.

Entrepreneurs who want to meet other successful entrepreneurs, create new connections, and potentially build partnerships with future influencers. You’ll also leave with bucket loads of new information you won’t hear anywhere else except inside the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit.

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Register now at this link: 2019 Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit

Summary of 2019 Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit

  • When: January 19, 2019 from 8AM – 5PM
  • Where: SMX Convention Center, MOA, Pasay City
  • How to Register: Go to this LINK
  • Get a PhP 2000 Discount Price using this code: lesjoseph

2019 Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit Reg


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