Announcements of Civil Service Commission | CSE, COE, OCSERGS & Examinee Number

These are the announcements of Civil Service Commission from their latest post on Facebook because they have been receiving a lot of queries on the next conduct of Civil Service Examination (CSE), availability of the Certification of Eligibility (COE) for August 12, 2018 passers, availability of the Online CSE Results Generation System (OCSERGS), and about examinee number. If you have the same concerns, please read the following:

Announcement on the Next Civil Service Examination

The next Career Service Examination (Pen-and-Paper Test) will be conducted next year (2019). Please wait for the official announcement on the schedule of exams and application period. Link: Possible Schedule of Civil Service Exam 2019


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Announcement on the Availability of Certification of Eligibility

The Certification of Eligibility for passers which is printed on CSC letterhead and free of charge, shall be issued through the CSC Regional Offices by November 12, 2018. Passers are strongly advised to verify/check first the availability of the Certification before going to the CSC Regional Office (Helpful link: CSC Regional Field Offices | Location, Contact Numbers and Email Address). Passers must personally claim their COE. Representatives are NOT allowed. Please bring valid IDs for verification of identity.

Announcement on the Availability of the Online Civil Service Exam Result Generation System

Individual test result/rating of both passed and failed examinees can be generated through the OCSERGS on CSC website by October 26, 2018. The Top 10 passers will be posted soon.

Announcement on the Issue of Examinee Number

To those who forgot their examinee number, please call your CSC Regional/Field Office and ask for assistance in retrieving your examinee number. (Helpful link: CSC Regional Field Offices | Location, Contact Numbers and Email Address).

Here is the screenshot of the landing page of the Aug. 12, 2018 CSE-PPT results link.

Civil Service Exam Results March 2018

Just click the drop-down options for the Title of Exam. It can be either CSE Professional or CSE Sub-Professional. Then choose what region you belong and click submit button.

Source: Civil Service Commission Facebook Page


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