Possible Cancellation of August 4 Civil Service Exam | Updates

For all the registered examinees for the August 4 Civil Service Exam, there is an announcement from CSC regarding the possible cancellation or postponement of the Second Batch Civil Service Exam.

Official Post of Civil Service Commission

August 4 CSE Cancellation

Last Year’s August 12 Cancellation of Exam

If you will remember, the Civil Service Commission declared cancellation of Civil Service Exam (August 12, 2018) in several areas affected by Tropical Storm Karding last year. National Capital Region (NCR) and Rizal Province were the affected areas.

The first cancellation update was made around 7:58 PM of August 11. Followed by second and third advisory around 9:13 PM and 11:07 PM respectively.

Read the whole story: Cancellation of Civil Service Exam in Selected Areas | NCR Areas and Rizal Province

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