BFP Hiring | Submit your application on January 3 and 4, 2019

The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) has an on going hiring for Fire Officer 1 (FO1). You can read below the details on how to apply to BFP.

Minimum Qualifications for Fire Officer 1

  • Salary Grade 10 (SG-10) (PhP 29,668 monthly base pay)
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Eligibility: Second Level Eligibility
  • Age: Must not be less that 21 nor more than 30 years of age
  • Height: Must be at least 1.62 meter or 5’4″ for Male and 1.57 meters or 5’2″ for Female
  • Weight: Must weigh not more or less than 5 kg from the standard weight corresponding his/her height, age and sex

In addition to the above-mentioned Qualification Standards, the following are General Qualifications for appointment, to wit:

  1. A citizen of the Republic of the Philippines;
  2. A person of good moral character;
  3. Must passed the Neuro-Psychiatric Evaluation, Medical Examination and Drug Test for the purpose of determining his/her Physical and Mental Health;
  4. Must not have been dishonorably discharged or dismissed for cause from previous employment; and
  5. Must not have been convicted by final judgment of an offense or crime involving moral turpitude.

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FO1 Applicant Requirements (Evaluation Folder)

One set of Application (Red) Folder (properly tabbed) containing the following Documentary Requirements:

A. Original copy of Application Letter addressed to the Regional Director starting the specific name of BFP Offices/Station (City/Municipal Fire Station) applying for.

B. Two (2) sets of duly accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS)

  • 1 Handwritten
  • 1 Computerized


  • If handwritten, entries should be in block capital (e.g. PRINT)
  • Use Blue Inked Pen in Affixing Signature
  • Passport Size Picture in FO1 Applicant Attire, white background with handwritten Name Tag and Signature

C. Three (3) copies of duly authenticated 2nd Level Eligibility (PRC/CSC)

D. Three (3) copies of duly authenticated by the school registrar TOR & DIPLOMA

E. Two (2) original copies of Birth Certificate issued by PSA

  • For Married Applicant
    • Two (2) original copies of Marriage Certificate issued by PSA
    • Two (2) original copies of Birth Certificate of Dependents issued by PSA

F. One (1) original copy of Clearances:

  • Barangay (NCR)
  • Police (NCR)
  • Mayor (NCR)
  • MTC (NCR)
  • RTC (NCR)
  • NBI

G. One (1) photocopy of Certificate of Waiver issued by the Chief, BFP (in case applicant did not meet the height and/or age requirement)

H. One (1) photocopy of Professional Driver’s License with restriction code 2 and 3 (PDL 23) and National Certificate (NC II or III) in driving issued by the Technological Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) (if any)

I. One (1) photocopy of Certificate of Membership issued by National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) and National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) (For applicants who met the required age/height but a member of indigenous Group)

J. One (1) copy of Authenticated Appointment and Service Record (for former and current government employees)

K. One (1) photocopy of Philhealth Number/ Identification Card and Pag-IBIG Number/ Identification Card

Note: Bring Passport Size Picture in FO! Applicant Attire, white background with handwritten Name Tag and Signature

REMINDERS: Incomplete documents will not be accepted.

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FO1 Applicant Requirements (Verification Folder)

One set of Application (White) Folder (properly tabbed) containing the following Documentary Requirements that are mentioned above (from A to K).

How to Apply to BFP

Interested and qualified applicants must submit two (2) sets of folder containing the following documents (see attached) to the Office of the Administrative Division, Ermin Garcia St. Brgy. Pinagkaisahan, Cubao, Quezon City on 03-04 January 2019.

Job Posting by Ncr Adm

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Applicants are advised to keep posted for future announcements at the this Facebook Page Account: Ncr Adm

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