Bureau of Customs Hiring: 200 Permanent Positions | Nationwide

There are about 200 permanent positions you can apply for the Bureau of Custom (BOC). Some of the positions included are Administrative Officers, Customs Operation Officers, Assistant Customs Operations Officers, Communication  Equipment Operators, Marine Engineman, Statistician, Medical Officers and Security Guards.

Customs Hiring | Vacant Positions Nationwide

The available positions are:

  • Administrative Officers I (PhP 19,233 per month)
  • Administrative Officers II (PhP 20,754 per month)
  • Administrative Officers III (PhP 27,755 per month)
  • Assistant Customs Operations Officers (PhP 17,975 per month)
  • Customs Operation Officers I (PhP 20,754 per month)
  • Customs Operation Officers II (PhP 25,232 per month)
  • Communication  Equipment Operators II (PhP 14,847 per month)
  • Marine Engineman I (PhP 13,214 per month)
  • Marine Engineman II (PhP 14,847 per month)
  • Security Guards (PhP 14,007 per month)
  • Statistician I (PhP 20,754 per month)
  • Medical Officer V (PhP 95,083 per month)

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For the qualification standards such as education, training, experience and eligibility, you can find it at the right part of the vacant position bulletin. Before you apply, kindly check the place of assignment first so that you are sure that it is nearby your home address.

How to Apply to Bureau of Customs

1. Submit a Letter of Intent using this Word File format (Form A-1).

  • Please indicate the Position, Salary Grade and Place of Assignment being applied for in the Letter of Intent. Applicants are only allowed to apply for one (1) position.

2. Submit an updated and duly accomplished Personal Data Sheet and Work Experience Sheet.

3. Submit an authenticated copy of Eligibility or issued by the Civil Service Commission; or Authenticated copy of License (Rating and Valid Professional License ID) issued by Professional Regulation Commission, or Certificate of Admission to the Philippine Bar issued by the Supreme Court (with original copy of receipt)

4. If you are already a government employee, please submit a copy of Performance Appraisal Report for the last two (2) rating periods.

5. All documents must be arranged accordingly (as enumerated in FORM A-1) and must be enclosed in a long brown envelope with the applicant’s full name written at the upper – left corner of the back of the envelope.

6. Submit all the documents to Human Resource Management Division (HRMD) or Administrative Divisions/Units of the nearest Collection District.

7. If you want to try to submit via courier or email, kindly seek the assistance of BOC Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (HRMPSB) Secretariat at 527-1944/527-3622.

Application Deadline to Customs Hiring

Applicants who shall submit their requirements through courier and/or postal, must ensure that their requirements are complete and postmarked on/before 30 SEPTEMBER 2019.


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