Civil Service Practice Quiz (Numerical Reasoning – Part B)

For those who are planning to take Civil Service Exam, this short practice quiz will be a good way to know if you are already prepared to take the actual exam.

Please take note that this does not cover the whole exam topics but is only a subset of the exam. This is a benchmarking quiz to see your current knowledge level and to check which topics you should improve on.

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Please take this quiz once (no retake) to properly assess your readiness to take the upcoming Civil Service Exam. Please leave it blank if you don’t know or not sure of your answer. Lastly, answer this quiz as if you are answering the actual exam.

  • no cheating
  • no calculators
  • no notes
  • prepare pen and scratch paper

CSC Numerical Reasoning

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All you need to do is to go to 2019 Civil Service Practice Quiz (Numerical Reasoning – Part B) and you will get the link via Messenger. Make sure to click Get Started so that you can start the quiz.

Click NEXT every time you answered the question. Then on the final question, click SUBMIT QUIZ.

Make sure to give your names and email so that you will receive the summary of the results.

This is a randomly generated questions that involves all the topics in the Numerical Reasoning. Please put your FEEDBACKS at the end of the quiz so that this Quiz App will be improved later on.

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