COMELEC iRehistro: Online Accomplishment of Forms for Voter Registration

Here’s the guide for the COMELEC iRehistro for the online accomplishment of forms for Voter Registration, which was extended until October 30, 2021 (Saturday).

Type of Application at COMELEC iRehistro

  • Registration – For new registrants, those who have just turned 18 years old and those who have never registered since 1997.
  • Transfer of Registration Record – For registered voters who have transferred residence within the city/municipality or to another city/municipality; For already registered voters who transferred residence with deactivated registration status.
  • Reactivation of Registration Record – For registered voters with deactivated registration status.
  • Change of Name due to Marriage or Court Order / Correction of Entries in the Voter’s Registration Record – For registered voters with legal changes that to be made on their registration record (such as the change of name for married female voters or change of civil status for married voters; For registered voters with incorrect information on their registration record (such as typographical errors).
  • Inclusion of Records in the Book of Voters / Reinstatement of Name in the List of Voters – For registered voters whose records have been excluded or removed from the Book of Voters; For registered voters whose names have been removed from the List of Voters.

Official iRehistro Website

Just go to (this is not functional as of the moment) and fill out the necessary information depending on the type of application you belong.

At the end of each application, you may set an appointment for biometrics capture and form submission. People who accomplish iRehistro Forms may set an appointment. Those with appointments are given priority over walk-in applicants.

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