COMELEC Precinct Finder | Online Verification

The Commission on Elections has created an online platform (COMELEC Precinct Finder) where you can verify your precinct number or check your voter registration status.

COMELEC Precinct Finder Website

You need to proceed to and make sure to give them the consent to process your personal information pursuant to its mandate in relation to voter registration.

For those who are in the Philippines make sure to click the “Local” button and for our OFWs click “Overseas”. Then you need to fill out the following required information:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Place of Registration (Province and City/Municipality)

COMELEC Precinct Finder Status

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After clicking the “Search” Button, you will be redirected to their website where you can find your Polling Place and Precinct No. Also, you will see if your voter registration status is ACTIVE or not.


For those who are INACTIVE status, you may contact your local COMELEC via email. Please see this link for the list of the directories of COMELEC nationwide (per city or municipality).


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  1. Bakit po na deactivate po yung name ko sa comelec?how can i vote this coming election..nakapag boto po ako nung last na election..bkit nawala po yung name ko?

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