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You can apply online for the BOC Hiring. The Bureau of Customs is currently looking for qualified for their vacant permanent positions all over the region.

Available Positions for the BOC Hiring

Some of the available positions are listed below. There are around 70 vacant positions nationwide.

  • Administrative Aide I (SG 1 with PhP 13,000/mo)
  • Messenger (SG 2 with PhP 13,819/mo)
  • Driver (SG 3 with PhP 14,678/mo)
  • Administrative Aide IV (SG 4 with PhP 15,586/mo)
  • Security Guard II (SG 5 with PhP 16,543/mo)
  • Administrative Aide VI (SG 6 with PhP 17,553/mo)
  • Storekeeper III (SG 9 with PhP 21,211/mo)
  • Assistant Customs Operations Officer (SG 9 with PhP 21,211/mo)
  • Administrative Officer I (SG 10 with PhP 23,176/mo)
  • Warehouseman III  (SG 11 with PhP 27,000/mo)
  • Warehouseman IV  (SG 13 with PhP 31,320/mo)
  • Intelligence Officer III (SG 18 with PhP 46,725/mo)
  • Attorney II (SG 18 with PhP 46,725/mo)
  • Customs Operations Officer IV (SG 18 with PhP 46,725/mo)
  • Customs Operations Officer V (SG 20 with PhP 57,347/mo)
  • Attorney III (SG 21 with PhP 63,997/mo)

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Bureau of Customs Posting
Successful applicants will be assigned at Manila Main Office, NAIA Customshouse, Port of Legaspi Albay, Port of Iloilo, Port of San Fernando Pampanga, Port of Manila, Port of Cebu, and Port of Davao. You can check the PDF file for the available positions that are located near you.

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How to Apply to BOC Hiring

Interested and qualified applicants must submit application requirements through BOC Online Application Portal not later than July 7, 2024,

An applicant shall only apply for one position per publication. In case the applicant submitted multiple application under one publication, the first application shall be considered for processing.

What are the Requirements

  1. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (CS Form No. 212 Revised 2017).
  2. Performance rating in the present position for the last rating period (as needed).
  3. For positions involving practice of profession (e.g. Accountant, Attorney, Nurse, etc.): Authenticated and Valid Professional License issued by the PRC.
  4. For positions not involving practice of profession: Copy of Certificate of Eligibility
  5. Transcript of Records (Certified by the School Registrar)
  6. Certificate of Employment for External Applicants
  7. NBI Clearance valid until March 2025.

Source: Bureau of Customs

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