New DILG Advisory on Social Distancing and Basic Infection Prevention

This is the latest DILG Advisory when it comes to social distancing and basic infection prevention. This will be implemented on every provinces, cities, municipalities and barangays.

New DILG Advisory

Pursuant to Proclamation No. 922 and 929, the Office of the President, laid down broad strategies and guidelines regarding the imposition of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) over the entire Luzon and the implementation of stringent social distancing measures throughout the country. While the Department acknowledges local government efforts to device and operationalize community quarantine schemes and social distancing, there is still a need to employ more innovative protocols to ensure that the measures being adopted do not contravene with the objectives and intent of the ECQ.

All local government units (LGUs) are therefore advised to discontinue the imposition of “narrow or limited window period” on the access to and operations of public and private establishments such as wet markets, supermarkets grocery stores and pharmacies. The imposition of such restrictions further creates congestion of people who flock to these establishments at the same time, and poses risks on the implementation of social distancing. Scheduling and/or clustering of the communities and/or barangays who may be allowed to go out instead is highly encouraged.

Further, LGUs are strongly enjoined to implement innovative measures to bring the market/goods closer to the people, subsequently limiting their movement and ensuring social distancing. In partnerships with local producers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. LGUs are encouraged to adopt more responsive business models or arrangements, such as, but not limited to the following:

  • Online marketing and delivery of goods through the use of various online platforms;
  • Community Market in subdivisions to be implemented in coordination with Home Owners Association (HOA); and
  • Market on wheels or mobile palengke, where vehicles with market goods can strategically be deployed to residential communities.

All DILG Regional Directors and the BARMM Minister for Local Government are directed to cause the widest dissemination of this Advisory.

For guidance and strict compliance.

(Signed) by Eduardo Manahan Año, DILG Secretary.

DILD New Advisory

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