DOH Midwifery Scholarship | Requirements and Qualifications

The Department of Health created the Midwifery Scholarship Program of the Philippines (MSPP) in support to the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals to decrease maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality rate by producing and ensuring a constant supply of consistent competent midwives fit to serve the identified priority areas of the country.

The program provides a two-year midwifery scholarship grant to qualified applicants in partnership with midwifery schools.

MSPP will be producing graduate midwives to be deployed as Rural Health Midwives (RHMs) in a priority areas identified by the Department of Health (DOH) in the country.

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Qualifications for DOH Midwifery Scholarship

  •  Must be 15-35 years of age;
  • Preferably be part of, or are child/children/grandchildren of:
    • Traditional Birth Attendant
    • Indigenous People
    • “Hilot”
    • Barangay Health Worker (BHW)
    • Government Healthcare Worker
  • With a combined gross family income of Php 50,000/month or 600,000/annum or lower
  • High school graduate with weighted average of 80% and above;
  • Minimum height of 5 feet or thumb-to-middle finger span or 6 inches or more; and
  • Shall have no more than one year of college education

DOH Partner Midwifery Schools in Different Regions

The list of DOH Partner Midwifery Schools can be found in this LINK.

Benefits of the Scholarship

The DOH provides the scholar, a package that includes:

  1. Monthly Living Subsidy
  2. Monthly Lodging Subsidy
  3. Monthly Transportation allowance
  4. Semestral book and uniform allowance
  5. Annual PhilHealth insurance (new)

The DOH provides partner midwifery school a package that includes payments for the scholars’:

  1. Tuition and other matriculation fees
  2. School uniforms
  3. Duty kit
  4. Affiliation and transportation fees
  5. Board review and materials fees
  6. PRC examination and registration fees

DOH Midwifery Scholarship Benefits

Application Process | How to Apply

  1. Applicants shall apply directly to the DOH partner school of their choicepreferably within or near the province or region of residence, if available.(Please see List of DOH Partner Midwifery Schools). He/ she shall undergo screening and selection process as defined by the partner school for admission to the program/course;
  2. The partner school endorses the list of scholarship applicants to the DOH ROwithin the region for evaluation and validation;
  3. RO shall endorse the results of validation with recommendation to HHRDB for evaluation and recommendation for approval by the Pre- Service Scholarship Program Management Committee;
  4. HHRDB shall endorse the list of approved/accepted scholars to concerned ROs for coordination with partner schools to facilitate the enrolment of scholars;
  5. The partner school through the school scholarship coordinator shall notify theapplicants on the status of their application. All accepted scholars shall be enrolled accordingly. Likewise, the partner school shall submit the list of enrolled scholars to respective ROs for documentation; and
  6. RO shall endorse the list of enrolled scholars to HHRDB for issuance of Department Personnel Order.

For other concerns and inquiries, please contact Career and Development Management Division at (02) 651 7800 locals 4227 or at (02) 743 1776 or through email [email protected]



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