DSWD Hiring 2024 | Apply via DSWD Job Portal

There is an ongoing call for applications for vacant positions in the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

DSWD NCR Hiring Announcement

The Official Facebook Page of DSWD NCR announced the list of vacant positions in their Field Office. There are about 60+ job posting that can be check in their Online Job Portal (Proceed to Vacancies Button).

DSWD NCR Hiring Announcement

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Some of the posted positions are:

  • Project Development Officer II (Salary Grade 15 PhP 33,575)
  • Social Welfare Office II (Salary Grade 15, PhP 33,575)
  • Nurse I (Salary Grade 15, PhP 33,575)
  • Psychologist I (Salary Grade 11, PhP 23, 877)
  • Training Specialist I (Salary Grade 11, PhP 23,877)
  • Manpower Development Officer I (Salary Grade 11, PhP 25,439)
  • Administrative Assistant II (Salary Grade 9, PhP 19,953)
  • Administrative Assistant II (Salary Grade 8, PhP 18,998)
  • Houseparent II (Salary Grade 6, PhP 16,877)
  • Administrative Aide IV (Salary Grade 4, PhP 14,400)
  • Houseparent I (Salary Grade 4, PhP 14,993)
  • Administrative Aide III (Salary Grade 3, PhP 14,125)
  • Project Development Officer V (Salary Grade 24, PhP 86,742)

DSWD Nationwide Hiring Portal

If you want to apply to other Field Offices of DSWD nationwide, you can always check their online job portal at jobs.dswd.gov.ph.

DSWD Hiring Portal

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