Fire Prevention Month 2018

The theme slogan for Fire Prevention Month 2018 is “Ligtas na Pilipinas ang Ating Hangad, Pag-iingat sa Sunog ay sa Sarili Ipatupad”.

This year’s theme of Fire Prevention Month embraces the ultimate goal to give every Filipino a safe and secure country to live in. The word “LIGTAS” encompasses everything. It goes beyond safety and security. To give every Filipino a Fire-Free and a Fire-Safe household to nurture memories; a Fire-Free and a Fire-Safe workplace to earn a living; a Fire-Free and a Fire-Safe school for children to learn on; a Fire-Free and a Fire-Safe parks to play with; a Fire-Free and a Fire-Safe movie houses to watch on; and a Fire-Free and a Fire-Safe mall to enjoy. It would be an amazing thing to see, if everything, if every place, is free and safe.

But it will never be possible, if the discipline and commitment will not come from¬†within; if it will not start from ourselves, if we don’t make safety our way of life. If there is one thing that the BFP wanted to achieve for this year’s Fire Prevention Month, that is to see the community moving on its own towards safety.

Read the whole official message at BFP National Headquarter’s Facebook Page: link

Downloadable Files for Fire Prevention Month 2018

  • Bureau of Fire Protection’s Official Message: link
  • Poster and Printable Tarp: link
  • Generic Tarp for Printing: link
  • Public Advisory Poster of BFP: link

Download Link for All Files

Other activities of BFP for this year’s Fire Prevention Month includes (a) Essay Writing Contest for Junior High School Students, (b) Drawing Contest for Elementary Pupils, (c) Poster Making Contest for Junior and Senior High School Students, (d) Photo Contests for all Amateur Photographers, and (e) Singing Contest Original Compositionfor all BFP Offices and Personnel.

Fire Prevention Month 2018 Theme

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