Guidelines for Gratuity Pay 2021 | Up to 5k for JO and COS Gov’t Workers

The Gratuity Pay for 2021 is already signed by President Rodrigo, through the Administrative Order No. 46 s. 2021, “Authorizing the Grant of Gratuity Pay to Contract of Service Workers and Job Order Workers in the Government for Fiscal Year 2021.”

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Grant of Gratuity Pay 2021

All workers whose services are engaged through through JO and COS who have rendered a total or an aggregate of at least four (4) months of satisfactory performance of services as stipulated in their respective contracts as of 15 December 2021, and whose contracts are still effective of the same date, may be granted a one-time Gratuity Pay not exceeding Five Thousand Pesos (P5,000) each.

Pro-Rata Basis for Gratuity Pay

Gratuity Pay 2021 Amount


This Order shall cover workers whose services are engaged through JO and COS by:

  • National Government Agencies (NGAs)
  • State Universities and Colleges (SUCs)
  • Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs)
  • Local Water Districts

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Gratuity Pay 2021 Guidelines



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  1. Good day,
    Our Governement really do have a big heart for all employees specially to all JO & COS,and we are thankfull and grateful for having those oppotunity,however i/we JO & COS do have a little favor to ask. We are praying and hoping that government and President Duterte will give us a lit fav of hope and change,that we shall be given pardon amnesty to be part of a Contractual Employee for the sake of security assurance benefits for our family,many among us working few years already,some are almost on thier 50’s we alms. Like now JO & COS were being on the frontliners as per contract no employee employer realtionship so no benefits at all,(sighhh) in situation like this we’re facing now as we’re doing all our best to pass the illegilibilty in as much as how many times be taken though, its not that easy to get in i admit but as far we concern we does. Hope this message will be heard and listen to all government heads and on the principle to passed the motion for reconsideration am all asking your huge help for these topic.
    Thank You Very Much
    Rhulyn Hijos
    Samal Island
    Davao City

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