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The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) would like to remind the public to check the banknotes they receive to ensure that they are genuine. For guidance, below is the summary of the security features of Philippine banknotes, which may be checked by the Feel-Look-Tilt Method.

Methods on How to Check Banknotes

Feel Method

  • Feel the paper. It is rough to the touch because of the material used and the embossed prints.

Look Method

  • The embossed prints, watermark, security fibers, asymmetric serial numbers and see-through mark on the banknotes can be seen by the naked eye.

Tilt Method

  • The concealed value becomes visible when the banknote is rotated 45 degrees and tilted down. The embedded security thread in the 20-Piso and 50-Piso can be seen from either side of the note when viewed against the light. The windowed security thread (for higher denominations), optically variable patch (for 500- and 1000-Piso bills) and optically variable ink (for 1000-Piso bills) change color when viewed at different angles.

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Checking Banknotes

How to replace doubtful or unusual banknotes?

Individuals who come across banknotes that have doubtful or unusual features are encouraged to present said notes to any BSP Office. After verification of the bills’ authenticity, the BSP shall replace the same with the same denomination.

For information or inquiries on Philippine banknotes, you may get in touch with the Metro Manila Currency Operations Sub-sector at telephone number (02) 988-4822 or at [email protected].



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