How to Enroll in Landbank iAccess | Frequently Asked Questions

Who are qualified to enroll in LANDBANK iAccess?

Individual depositors (single and joint accounts) are qualified to enroll in LANDBANK iAccess.

What types of deposit accounts can I enroll?

Any of the following individual peso deposit account/s can be enrolled in LANDBANK iAccess:

a. Savings Account with ATM access
b. Regular Current Account
c. Regular Interest Bearing Current Account
d. Current Account with ATM access
e. Interest Bearing Current Account with ATM Access
* Passbook accounts are not eligible for enrollment.

How can deposit accounts be enrolled?

1. Online Enrollment

  • Applicable only to ATM accounts
  • Access is limited to non-monetary transactions only
  • Can be done by logging on to LANDBANK iAccess website  and clicking Enroll Now link.

2. Branch Enrollment

  • Applicable to both ATM and Current accounts
  • Access may be non-monetary or monetary transactions or both
  • Can be done through your LANDBANK depository branch by submitting a duly accomplished LANDBANK iAccess Enrollment and Maintenance Agreement (LI-EMA) form.

What are the documentary requirements for the branch enrollment?

a. One valid ID
b. Duly accomplished and signed LI-EMA form

Can multiple accounts be enrolled? How?

Yes, multiple accounts can be enrolled in LANDBANK iAccess. Submit a dulyaccomplished LI-EMA Form (indicating all the account numbers for enrollment) to your servicing branch. You have to choose your servicing branch. It should be one of your depository branches and the one you prefer to be your LANDBANK iAccess account administrator. It is recommended that you choose the branch nearest you.

I already have an existing account enrolled in LANDBANK iAccess, how can I add my other account/s?

To add your other LANDBANK account/s to your existing LANDBANK iAccess ID, submit a duly-accomplished LI-EMA form to your servicing branch.

If you have more questions in applying for the iAccess, you can visit any LANDBANK branches near you. The following next questions will be about some features of LANDBANK iAccess.

What features are available in the LANDBANK iAccess?


a. Account Summary – View the current balance, available balance, hold and float amounts of your enrolled deposit accounts.
b. Transaction Details (Account History) – View the transaction details and balances of your enrolled deposit accounts for a period of 60 days.
c. Check Status Inquiry – View the status of each check issued from your checking account.
d. Returned Check Deposit Inquiry – View the details of your returned check deposits.
e. Report of Lost or Stolen ATM card – Block all your ATM transactions when you report your ATM card as lost or stolen


a. Fund Transfer – Transfer funds to your other LANDBANK account/s or to your nominated 3rd party LANDBANK account/s immediately or on a future date through the Internet. A transaction reference number will be given as proof of your transaction.
b. Bills Payment – Pay your bills through the Internet. A transaction reference number will be given as proof of your payment.
c. Checkbook Requisition – Order checkbook/s through the Internet. Once your request is approved, your account will be debited for the cost of the checkbook/s. Pick-up of checkbooks can be made at your depository branch once available.

What utilities are available in LANDBANK iAccess?

a. Update User Information – Mobile Number, Email Address, Mother’s Maiden Name and Answer to Challenge Question
b. Account Tag Management
c. Manage Billers
d. Transaction History
e. Access Log History
f. Change Password
g. Logout

How can I enroll in the Bills Payment Module?

You can enroll by submitting to your servicing branch a duly-accomplished LIEMA form indicating that you will avail of the Bills Payment facility. If you have initially enrolled online, the depository branch of the account number you registered shall be your servicing branch. Please note that you can only avail the Bills Payment module thru Branch Enrollment.

What merchants can be paid thru iAccess?

The following merchants can be paid in iAccess (as of April 10, 2015):

1. Aiqon Unicorp, Inc.
2. Alabang Country Club Inc.
3. Allied Bank/PNB Credit Cards
4. Asia United Bank (AUB)
5. Assoc Dues c/o Chinatrust
6. Ateneo De Manila
7. AXA Philippines
8. Bankard / RCBC
9. Bantay Bata
10. Bayantel
11. BDO Credit Card
13. Cablelink
14. Cebu Pacific
15. Chinatrust Salary Stretch
16. Chinatrust VISA Cards
17. Citibank Card Services
18. Citibank Savings Loan
19. Citibank VISA/MC
20. Citifinancial
21. Citystate Savings Loan
22. Coffer Lending
23. Cosmopolitan Communities Inc.
24. Davao City Water District
25. Destiny Cable
26. Directories Phil. Corp.
27. DLS Santiago Zobel School
28. Don Bosco Technology Ctr., Inc.
29. Donate to Red Cross
30. Eastern Telecom
31. Eastwest Card
32. Easytrip
33. Eprime
34. Equicom Savings
35. Far East Broadcasting (FEBC)
36. First Peak
37. Fortune Life
38. Globe
39. Great Life Financial
40. Grepalife
41. HSBC Cards
42. HSBC Personal Loan
43. I.O.S Marketing Corp.
44. Innove
45. IPM Realty & Dev’t Corp
46. Knowledge Channel
47. La Salle Greenhills
49. Manila Memorial
50. Manila Water
51. Manulife Chinabank
52. Manulife Financial Plans
53. Manulife Philippines
54. Maybank Credit Card
55. Maynilad
56. Metrobank Card Corporation
57. Miriam College
58. NSO Helpline Plus
59. Operation Smile Phil.
60. Paramount Life
61. PayPilipinas
62. Phil. Prudential Life
63. PhilamLife
64. Pioneer Life ,Inc
65. Piso Para Sa Pasig
66. Planet CATV
67. PNB Life Insurance, Inc.
68. Primewater
69. Prulife U.K Insurance
70. PSBank Loans
71. Resources for the Blind Inc.
72. SB Cards Diners/SBC/MC
73. Security Bank Cash Card
74. Skycable
75. Smart / Smart Bro
76. SSS – Farmers & Fishermen
77. SSS – Non Working Spouse
78. SSS – OFW
79. SSS – Self Employed
80. SSS – Voluntary Member
81. Standard Chartered EZ Loan
82. Standard Chartered VISA/MC
83. Standard Insurance
84. Subic Water
85. Sun life of Canada Phil.
86. Toyota Financial
87. Union Bank VISA Cards
88. University of San Jose – Recoletos
89. University of The East
90. Visayan Electric Company, Corp.
91. Wi-Tribe
92. World Vision

If I report my lost ATM card online, when will the ATM card be blocked?

Your ATM card and its corresponding account will be automatically blocked once you report a lost/stolen card. A system generated acknowledgment number will be shown on screen as reference of your transaction. Once blocked, your card will be captured when used in LANDBANK ATM. Likewise, transactions will also be blocked when used in Expressnet/Megalink/Bancnet ATMs.

What should I do when I encounter problems using LANDBANK iAccess?

If the FAQs do not address your particular problem, you may call your servicing branch or our Customer Care Center at (632) 405-7000 (NCR) or 1-800-10-405-7000 (PLDT Toll Free, outside NCR), available 24 hours from Mondays thru Fridays. You may also email us at [email protected].


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