Invest in Pag-IBIG MP2 Program | Government Guaranteed Earnings

If you want to invest in Pag-IBIG MP2 Program, here are the details on how to apply. Make sure to read all the details before you invest. You can also download the application form in the end of this article.

Modified Pag-IBIG II (MP2) Program

The MP2 program is a voluntary program and solely a saving scheme designed to provide active Pag-IBIG 1 members with another savings option.

Pag-ibig MP2 Program has a yield higher than those given under the Pag-IBIG 1 membership program because of the higher dividend rate.

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Eligibility for Pag-IBIG MP2 Program

This program is open to Pag-IBIG 1 members whose gross monthly income exceeds five thousand pesos (PhP 5,000.00).

Minimum Contribution for MP2

The minimum contribution is five hundred (PhP 500.00) per month but the member may remit higher than the said amount. Payments shall be recorded as payment date. The member can invest in the MP2 Program for a term of five (5) years.

Dividend Rate Under MP2

A member shall be entitled to flexible dividend rates which shall be determined within the first quarter of every year and approved by the Board of Trustees; provided that the said rate shall be higher than of Pag-IBIG 1.

The contributions and earnings under the MP2 are government guaranteed.

Sample computation (for illustration purposes only):

Pag-IBIG MP2 Earnings

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Enroll Now in the MP2 Program

1. Go to official website of Modified Pag-IBIG (MP2) Enrollment

2. If you go to the Pag-IBIG wesbiste, click “e-Services”, and select “MP2 Enrollment System (MP2EF).”

3. Accomplish and submit the online MP2 enrollment form.

4. Print the system generate MP2EF reflecting the MP2 Account Number.

5. Proceed to the branch, present the MP2EF, and start remitting.

6. Employee assisted at the Pag-IBIG Branch (bring valid ID).

Download: Pag-IBIG MP2 Application Form 


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