Bayanihan 2 Loan Moratorium Program

The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) once again issued a temporary suspension for loan amortization for another sixty (60) days under the Bayanihan 2 Loan Moratorium Program. GSIS established the program in compliance with Republic Act No. 11494 entitled “Bayanihan to Recover as One Act”.

Under Bayanihan 2 Loan Moratorium Program, loan amortizations due in November and December 2020 are deferred and shall resume starting in January 2021. Moreover, borrowers shall pay no interest on the loan amortization during the period of the moratorium. The regular loan interests, however, shall still be incurred once the moratorium ends. GSIS first implemented the moratorium last March to June 2020.

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Coverage of Loan Moratorium Program

The program covers all loan accounts, whether up-to-date, with arrearages, or in default, as of the 30th of September 2020. Specifically, the following types of loans:

  • Consolidated Loan / Multi-Purpose Loan;
  • GSIS Financial Assistance Loan (GFAL);
  • Educational Assistance Loan II (EAL II);
  • Emergency Loan;
  • Regular Policy Loan;
  • Optional Policy Loan;
  • Home Emergency Loan Program (HELP);
  • Deed of Conditional Sale (DCS) / Real Estate Loan (REL);
  • Pension Loan;
  • Pensioner’s Emergency Loan;
  • Pensioner’s Restructured Loan;
  • Program for Restructuring and Repayment of Debt (PRRD);
  • GSIS Computer Loan;
  • GFAL Educational Loan;
  • Other loan programs that are no longer actively offered by GSIS [i.e., Educational; Assistance Loan (EAL), Stock Purchase Loan (SPL), Study Now, Pay Later (SNPL), etc.]

Loans that are granted from October to November shall be covered by the program, provided that the first amortization falls between November and December 2020. On the other hand, borrowers who are granted their loans after 23 November 2020, wherein the first due month will start in January 2021, shall not be covered by the moratorium.

For borrowers who availed of the post-dated checks (PDCs) of housing loan dated  November and December 2020, the checks shall not be deposited within the moratorium period. However, the borrower may request for check deposits as their regular loan payments through submission of a written request or email to GSIS, not later than October 15, 2020. Requests sent beyond the deadline shall not be granted.

Loan deductions which were already made but not yet remitted to the GSIS for due months November and December 2020 shall be refunded by the agencies to the concerned members without need of request or instruction from the GSIS. 

Lastly, the deduction of loan repayments from the Basic Monthly Pension (BMP) shall be automatically stopped only within the moratorium period.

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The borrowers are not required to avail of the moratorium and continue to pay the regular amortization. Nevertheless, here are the minimum qualifications for the borrowers who opt to avail of the GSIS Bayanihan 2 Loan Moratorium Program:

  • GSIS member borrowers of the mentioned types of loan as of September 30, 2020;
  • Pensioners who are actively paying it within the payment term of the: 
    • Pension Loan;
    • Pensioner’s Emergency Loan; or
    • Pensioner’s Restructured Loan;
  • Inactive GSIS members but under the GSIS Program for Restructuring and Repayment of Debts (PRRD); and
  • Borrowers of the Housing Loan.

Payments during the Moratorium Period

The GSIS shall not refund any payments obtained during the moratorium period. Instead, the said payments shall be allocated as follows:

  • Payments for loan accounts with arrearages shall be applied as payment to arrearages as follows:
    1. fire/redemption insurance; 
    2. penalties/surcharges;
    3. interest; and
    4. principal.
  • Payments for due and demandable accounts shall be distributed to the following order of priority:
    1. penalty surcharges;
    2. penalty interest; and
    3. principal balance of the loan.
  • Payments for up-to-date accounts shall cover the following in order of priority:
    1. fire/redemption insurance from the first moratorium (March to June 2020); 
    2. accrued interests due from the first moratorium (March to June 2020);
    3. fire/redemption insurance from the new moratorium November to December 2020;
    4. accrued interests due from the new moratorium (November to December 2020); and
    5. principal balance of the loan.

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Resumption of Amortizations, Deductions, and Interests

All amortizations, deductions, and interests shall resume in January 2021 without official notice from the GSIS.

For more information about the Bayanihan 2 Loan Moratorium, you may contact GSIS through:

  • GSIS website,;
  • GSIS Facebook account,;
  • email [email protected]
  • Phone number:
    • ‪8847-4747‬ (if in Metro Manila),
    • 1-800-8-847-4747‬ (for Globe and TM subscribers), 
    • and ‪1-800-10-847-4747‬ (for Smart, Sun, and Talk ‘N Text subscribers).


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  1. Thanks This refers to the Milestone benefits extended to pensioners. GSIS members not pensioners who reached 90 years should also included otherwise, the resolution will be discriminatory and selective. GSIS mandate is “to increase benefits to members “. Pensioners are members, but not all members are pensioners. Milestone benefits are not given across the board to all members. Only to those who have reached the age of 90 years old . This is quite a feat and I think we are not that many to bankrupt GSIS . I am submitting my plea to the wisdom and compassion of GSIS President and officials and find .my cause meritorious at this pandemic time. Thank you for your attention.

  2. Hi po gusto Lang po namin malaman regarding BAYANIHAN ACT 2.. Kasi dito sa amin sa pinaguutangan namin ang CEBU CFI Coop, Calbayog City Branch dito sa Samar… Marahil hindi namin Alam KUNG paano nila magawa sa amin kasi hindi po namin Alam KUNG ano ang pinag deduct sa amin wla nman sila consent sa amin. Ang hindi pa MAGANDA karamihan sa amin ay hindi nka kuha ng refund or moraturiom.

  3. 57 months Napo maihulog ko sa SSS ni minsan po hindi pa ako nangutang. need ko po mag calamity loan kaya lang po ang pagbabayad ang problema humina byahe ng tricycle isa pang dahilan mula ng mag lock down hindi Napo ako nakakahulog ng SSS monthly

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