Mid-Year Bonus for Government Employees for FY 2017 and Beyond

This article will highlight the Section 5 of the DBM Budget Circular No. 2017-2 (Rules and Regulations on the Grant of the Mid-Year Bonus for FY 2017 and Years Thereafter).

Guidelines on the Grant of Mid-Year Bonus

The Mid-Year Bonus equivalent to one (1) month basic pay as of May 15 shall be given to entitled personnel not earlier than May 15 of the current year, subject to the following conditions:

  • Personnel has rendered at least a total or an aggregate of four (4) months of service from July 1 of the immediately preceding year to May 15 of the current year;
  • Personnel remains to be in the government service as of May 15 of the current year; and
  • Personnel has obtained at least a satisfactory performance rating in the immediately preceding rating period, or the applicable performance appraisal period. If there is a need for a shorter period, it shall be at least ninety (90) calendar days or three (3) months, provided that the total or aggregate service under Item 5.1.1 hereof is complied with.

Those who have rendered a total or an aggregate of less than four (4) months of service from July 1 of the preceding year to May 15 of the current year, and those who are no longer in the service as of the latter date, shall not be entitled to the Mid-Year Bonus.

The Mid-Year Bonus of personnel hired on part-time service in one or more agencies shall be in direct proportion to the number of hours/days of part-time services rendered.

The Mid-Year Bonus of those on detail to another government agency shall be paid by the parent agency, while those on secondment shall be paid by the recipient agency.

The Mid-Year Bonus of personnel who transferred from one agency to another shall be paid by the new agency.

A compulsory retiree, whose services have been extended, may be granted Mid-Year Bonus, subject to the pertinent provisions of this Circular.

Those who are formally charged administrative and/or criminal cases which are still pending for resolution, shall be entitled to Mid-Year Bonus until found guilty by final and executory judgment: Provided, that:

  • Those found guilty shall not be entitled to Mid-Year Bonus in the year of finality of the decision. The personnel shall refund the Mid-Year Bonus received for that year.
  • If the penalty imposed is only a reprimand, the personnel concerned shall be entitled to the Mid-Year Bonus.

Monthly basic pay shall refer to the monthly salary for civilian personnel, including contractual personnel; the total daily wages for the twenty-two (22) working days a month for casual personnel (equal to the monthly salary of a regular personnel); the monthly base pay for the military and uniformed personnel; and the monthly honoraria for barangay officials and employees.

The Mid-Year Bonus shall apply to the following positions and personnel:

All positions for civilian personnel whether regular, contractual, or casual in nature, appointive or elective, full-time or part-time, now existing or hereafter created in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches, the Constitutional Commissions and other Constitutional Offices, SUCs, and GOCCs covered by the Compensation and Position Classification System (CPCS) under RA No. 6758, as amended by Senate and House of Representatives Joint Resolutions No. 1, series of 1994 and No. 4, series of 2009; and in LGUs; and

Military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines under the Department of National Defense and uniformed personnel of the Philippine National Police, Philippine Public Safety College, Bureau of Fire Protection, and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology of the Department of the Interior and Local Government; Philippine Coast Guard of the Department of Transportation and Communications; and National Mapping and Resource Information Authority of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

This Budget Circular was Issued on May 8, 2017 to the following:

  • Heads of Departments, Agencies, State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and other Offices of the National Government, Including Commissions/Offices under the Constitutional Fiscal Autonomy Group (CFAG),
  • Heads of Government-Owned or -Controlled Corporations (GOCCs);
  • Heads of Local Government Units (LGUs); and
  • All Others Concerned

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Source: dbm.gov.ph

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