Take these Civil Service Quizzes! | 12 Sets of Different Topics

For those who will be taking this March 15 Civil Service Exam, the following sets of quizzes will be a good way to know if you are already prepared to take the actual exam

This is a benchmarking quiz to see your current knowledge level and to check which topics you should improve on.

Set 1: Benchmark Quiz (All Topics)

CSC Quiz 1

Take the SET 1

Set 2: Numerical Reasoning A

CSC Quiz 2

Take the SET 2

Set 3: Numerical Reasoning B

CSC Quiz 3

Take the SET 3

Set 4: Numerical Reasoning C

CSC Quiz 9

Take the SET 4

Set 5: Vocabulary

CSC Quiz 4

Take the SET 5

Set 6: Spelling A

CSC Quiz 5

Take the SET 6

Set 7: Spelling B

CSC Quiz 7

Take the SET 7

Set 8: Spelling C

CSC Quiz 8

Take the SET 8

Set 9: Grammar and Correct Usage

CSC Quiz 9

Take the SET 9

Set 10: Word Analogy A

CSC Quiz 10

Take the SET 10

Set 11: Word Analogy B

CSC Quiz 11

Take the SET 11

Set 12: Clerical Ability

CSC Quiz 12

Take the SET 12

Passing Rate for the CSE

You need to have at least 80% rating to pass the exam.

CSE Reviewers 2020


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