Online Application: PSA Certificates (Birth, Marriage, Death & CENOMAR)

This article is about online application for PSA Birth Certificates, Marriage and Death Certificates, and Certificate of Non-Marriage.

STEP 1 – Fill out the application form at the e-Census (Philippine Statistics Authority).

Online Application NSO Certificates Birth, Marriage, Death and CENOMAR

STEP 2 – After you complete your online application, you will be issued a Batch Request Number and, for each request, a Request Reference Number. When paying for all requests in the batch, specify the Batch Request Number. When paying for a particular request only, specify the Request Reference Number. Fees are inclusive of processing, delivery and government taxes. The fees and the available payment channels depend on whether your delivery address is within the Philippines or outside the Philippines.


1. e-Census accepts requests for delivery within and outside the Philippines.

• LOCAL REQUEST: delivery destination is within the Philippines; PHP 315.00 per copy for copy issuance of birth, marriage and death certificates, and PHP 415.00 per copy for Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR). The additional PHP 15.00 serves as the Documentary Stamp Tax (Sections 173 and 188 of the Tax Code and Revenue Memorandum Order 13-2008) per copy issued.

• FOREIGN REQUEST: delivery destination is outside the Philippines; USD 20.00 per copy for copy issuance and USD 25.00 per copy for CENOMAR.

2. Credit card payment uses the payment facility of Kabayan Central Networks, Inc. Thus, KABAYAN CENTRAL NETWORKS, INC. will appear in the credit card statement. Unisys Public Sector Services Corporation (UPSSC) will appear in the official receipt(s).

3. It is possible that the fee will be reflected in the requester’s credit card statement of account before the document is received.


After payment is made, requests cancellation can no longer be accepted. e-Census adopts a NO REFUND and NO CANCELLATION policy for all its services.


1. Only paid requests shall be processed.

2. All certifications issued by PSA/NSO are considered rendered service. All requests submitted via e-Census and paid through the available payment channels will undergo processing under the Civil Registry System of PSA/NSO. Thus, these constitute rendered service, whether requests result to positive issuances or certifications (negative).

3. Returned mail delivery is also considered as rendered service. This includes wrong mailing address provided by requester, resident transferred to another address, and any other related circumstances.

4. For requests to be delivered within the Philippines:

4.1 Birth Certificates:
Only the following are authorized to receive birth certificates:

(a) the owner of the birth certificate;

(b) his/her parent;

(c) his/her spouse;

(d) his/her direct descendant;

(e) his/her legal guardian/institution-in-charge, if minor.

If the document owner is a minor, only his/her parent or guardian can receive or authorize the receipt of delivery of the birth certificate. The receiving party must present a valid ID. If the receiving party is the guardian of the document owner, a valid ID and proof/declaration of guardianship must be presented.

If the receiving party is not any of the abovementioned persons, an authorization letter and the ID of the authorized person together with the receiving party’s valid ID are required to be presented.

4.2 Marriage and Death Certificates, and CENOMAR:

Either the document owner, the requesting party or their representative is allowed to receive marriage and death certificates, and CENOMAR. A valid ID must be presented when receiving the certificate.

STEP 3 – Wait for the delivery. For delivery destinations within the Philippines, processing and delivery of paid requests takes about three (3) to nine (9) working days after receipt of payment. For delivery destinations outside the Philippines, processing and delivery will take six (6) to eight (8) weeks after receipt of payment. If you would like to receive your document through special courier services, send an email at [email protected]. The additional courier fees shall be to your account.



  1. Hello PSA, i have a question about the days of process of Birth Certificate Change of Gender.I almost process my requirements for 2 years and i totally done it by march 2019. And our Local PSA sumbitted it to main PSA for change of record. My question is how many days im going to get my corrected Birth Certificate from March 2019?, Because until now, i still follow up our Local PSA and sadly my Corrected BIRTH certificate is not yet arrive.

  2. Good afternoon po , I already filled up the information given ,but I just want to change the copy because I put it their 2 copies.thankyou

  3. Hi sir/ma’am !

    I need your advice Kasi my mom is Wala po syang live birth and nag try din kami kumuha ng NSO but it’s blank – thanks much

  4. Hello po admin.
    Nagkamali po ako ng lagay sa birthplace sa cenomar i requested and i just paid the processing fee. I know its my mistake but is there a chance to change it? Thank you!

  5. Nagbayad po ako gamit ang gcash kanina tpos pag update ko po ang nkalagay eh costumer cancelled the payment.. Eh nagbayad po ako online sa order ko.. Anu po kaya naging problema.. Salamat po sa pagsagot..

  6. Hello admin, im very concerned with my request recently, i already paid my birth cert and cenomar requests yet the status still did not change and i saw an advisory in the website that Payment via credit card are temporarily unavailable? Will I still receive my request? was my payment successful? and do you know of anyone from their office who i can call?

  7. I just want to ask if my daughter already have her record on NSO? I dont have NSO birtcertificate of her since birth,i only have a certified true copy which came from the municipality of angono. Hope for your immediate reply

  8. Please investigate this. The last time i took my nso birth certificate from nso every entry was correct name , birthdate. After 5 years and i have to get nso birth certificate, i noticed my birthdate was chaged and my name is mispelled. Why is there a difference between my nso certificate 5 years ago and now. I went to the local civil registry if the same happened to my name and birthdate entry but none was chaged and my lcr birth certificate was all accurate. I smell anomaly this time with nso. Somebody from your office maybe intentionally changes entry and uses this to get money from
    Alot of people. The same happened to my dad and grandmother. Their nso birth certificates revealed error in name and this just coincidental or a way to extort money from several nso clients. Please investigate now or we will complain directly to
    8888 and to the president

    • I had the same incident happened to me. I had my name corrected & birth year corrected as well as my gender. Coz everything was wrong on my birth certificate. I went through the legal process & got my corrected birth certificate way back in 2000 personally. Now that I requested another one they sent me the uncorrected one. I feel they’re doing this to extract money from everyone. Not only a waste of time, money & a very long process. It is very frustrating coz I have a very urgent need of my birth certificate. I’m looking for the proper authorities to complain to.

      • HI ADMINS .. i have a question naka graduate po ako ng elementary highschool and college na tama naman ang birtcert ko na kinukuha tuwing mag rerequest ako sa NSO , nakapag lisensya nadin ako LTO , VOTERS & PASSPORT . pero last 5 months sa company need ko ulit ng NSO ko nung kumuha na ako e nag iba na ang name ko . ung last name ko nawala and ang middle initial ko ginawang last name ko .. tas ung last name ko nawala .. ano ba pwede kong gawin . nahihirapan na ako , salamat po

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