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The recent Philippine Air Force Hiring announcement is now accepting applications for 50+ civilian positions nationwide.

Philippine Air Force Hiring Announcement

Air Force Hiring

Available Positions

  • Accountant III
  • Administrative Aide IV (Accounting Clerk I)
  • Administrative Aide VI (Accounting Clerk II)
  • Administrative Aide IV Clerk II
  • Administrative Aide VI (Clerk III)
  • Administrative Aide VI (Mechanic Plant Operator II)
  • Administrative Assistant (Computer Operator I)
  • Administrative Assistant I (Photographer II)
  • Administrative Assistant I (Stenographic Reporter I)
  • Administrative Assistant (Budgeting Assistant)
  • Administrative Assistant III (Buyer III)
  • Administrative Assistant V (Computer Equipment Operator IV)
  • Administrative Officer IV (Fiscal Examiner II)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technologist III
  • Aircraft Mechanic II (Multiple Positions Available)
  • Attorney II
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Defense Research Officer II
  • Dentist I
  • Draftsman II
  • Engineer I
  • Engineer III
  • Engineer IV
  • Health Program Researcher
  • Heavy Equipment Operator II
  • Heavy Equipment Operator III
  • Information Technology Officer II
  • Machine Shop Foreman
  • Medical Specialist I
  • Medical Technologist III
  • Metal Worker II
  • Midwife II
  • Nurse I (Multiple Positions Available)
  • Nursing Attendant I
  • Nutritionist Dietician I
  • Machine Shop Foreman
  • Psychologist I (Multiple Positions Available)
  • Sr. Administrative Assistant I (Stenographic Reporter IV)
  • Sr. Administrative Assistant I (Computer Operator V)

Check the Salary Grade Table and the respective monthly compensation through Salary Standardization Law (SSL V).

How to Apply to Philippine Air Force Hiring via Online

1. Scan the QR Code

Air Force QR Code

If you don’t have a QR Code Scanner, you can proceed to this Google Form Application Link.

2. Make sure to fill up the registration form (Using the QR Code or the Google Form).

3. Submit the pre-employment requirements as stated through e-mail (send to [email protected]).

Deadline of Application

<To be updated>

Source: Philippine Air Force Human Resource Management Center


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