How to check your Pag-IBIG contributions online?

Virtual Pag-IBIG. By the sound of its name, anyone could have easily mistaken it to be one of those Dating Apps where you “virtually search for love.” No, it isn’t. 

What is Virtual Pag-IBIG?

Virtual Pag-IBIG is actually an online platform for the members of the Home Development Mutual Fund, more popularly known as the Pag-IBIG Fund. It is where they keep track of the growth of their contributions and savings anytime and anywhere.

It is essential to regularly check your contributions so that you become aware of how much savings you have and how much dividends you earned, which is significant if you are planning to apply for loans or other claims. Virtual Pag-IBIG shows you that information, and more!

Virtual Pag-IBIG also displays to the members their loan records and their outstanding loan balance and other Pag-IBIG transactions. Lastly, Virtual Pag-IBIG provides support and help to the members with concerns and queries, through its customer service.

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Through this article, let us learn the steps on how to check your contributions through the Virtual Pag-IBIG.

Step 1: Go Online

Using your computer or smartphone, connect to the internet, and visit this LINK.

PagIBIG Online Contributions

Step 2: Login/Register

Log in to your Virtual Pag-IBIG account using your registered email address and password. If you do not have an account yet, click Create Account and register accordingly.

Step 3: Go to Menu

Menu PagIBIG Online

Click the MENU icon on the upper left-hand corner (if you are using a computer) or the upper right-hand corner (if you are using a smartphone) and select Regular Savings (Mandatory Contributions).

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Step 4: View Contributions

By this time, you may now view all your contributions or savings from the very first remittance up to the latest. It also shows the total employee and employer shares, number of contributions, and the total dividend.

Contributions PagIBIG Online

You may also see your yearly contributions by merely typing in the year.

Yearly Contributions PagIBIG Online
For Inquiry

You may contact the official email of Pag-IBIG at [email protected] or visit their official Facebook Page (Pag-IBIG Fund – HDMF)


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