PEMDAS Game + Sample Civil Service Exam Quizzes

If you are one of those who will take the 2019 Civil Service Exam (Batch 2), you need to check this PEMDAS Game and other sample Civil Service Exam Quizzes.


This is a rule in Mathematics for basic operations. P stands for Parenthesis, E for Exponent, M for Multiplication, D for Division, A for Addition and S for Subtraction.

  1. P as the first letter means you complete any calculations in grouping symbols first.
  2. Next, look for exponents, E. Ignore any other operation, and take any numbers with exponents to their respective powers.
  3. Even though M for multiplication in PEMDAS comes before D for division, these two operations actually have the same priority. Complete only those two operations in the order they occur from left to right.
  4. Even though A for addition is in PEMDAS before S for subtraction, these two operations also have the same priority. You look for these last two operations from left to right and complete them in that order.


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Other Civil Service Exam Quizzes

CSC Sample Quiz

1. Five Minute Benchmark Quiz

This is a benchmarking quiz to see your current knowledge level and to check which topics you should improve on. Please take note that this does not cover the whole exam topics but is only a subset of the exam.

CSC Quiz

>>> Go to Quiz #1

2. Numerical Reasoning Part A

CSC Math Part

>>> Go to Quiz #2

2. Numerical Reasoning Part B

CSC Numerical Reasoning

>>> Go to Quiz #3

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