PNP NUP Hiring: 178 Vacant Positions for Non-Uniformed Personnel

If you are planning to be part of Philippine National Police (PNP) as Non-Uniformed Personnel (NUP), check this PNP NUP Hiring. There are 178 NUP vacant positions.

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PNP NUP Hiring | Vacant Positions

The 74-page PNP Request for Publication can be seen below. Some of the positions that are available are:

  • Ballistician II (SG 14)
  • Medical Technologist I (SG 11)
  • Chemist I (SG 11)
  • Laboratory Technician III (SG 10)
  • Laboratory Technical II (SG 8)
  • Laboratory Aide I (SG 2)
  • Fingerprint Examiner II (SG 9)
  • Fingerprint Examiner I (SG 7)
  • Fingerprinting Aide (SG 4)
  • Cartographer II (SG 8)
  • Cartographer II (SG 6)
  • Administrative Officer I (SG 10)
  • Administrative Officer II (SG 11)
  • Administrative Assistant III (SG 9)
  • Administrative Assistant II (SG 8)
  • Administrative Aide VI (SG 6)
  • Administrative Aide IV (SG 4)
  • Administrative Aide I (SG 1)
  • Computer Operator I (SG 7)
  • Computer Operator II (SG 9)
  • Computer Operator III (12)
  • Communication Development Officer I (SG 11)
  • Communication Equipment Inspector I (SG 8)
  • Guidance Service Specialist III (SG 20)
  • Crime Investigator I (SG 11)
  • Utility Worker I (SG 1)
  • Clerk II (SG 4)
  • Clerk III (SG 6)
  • Firearms and Explosives Processor I (SG 6)
  • Accountant I (SG 12)
  • Accountant II (SG 16)
  • Accountant III (SG 19)
  • Social Welfare Assistant (SG 8)
  • Intelligence Agent I (SG 8)
  • Training Specialist III (SG 18)
  • Planning Assistant (SG 8)
  • Medical Officer I (SG 16)
  • Medical Officer III (SG 21)
  • Dentist II (SG 17)
  • Dental Hygienist (SG 10)
  • Dental Aide (SG 4)
  • Nutritionist-Dietician II (SG 15)
  • Nurse II (SG 15)
  • Psychologist I (SG 15)
  • Midwife I (SG 9)
  • Midwife II (SG 11)
  • Director I (SG 25)
  • Medico-Legal Officer III (SG 22)
  • Medico-Legal Officer I (SG 18)
  • Document Examiner III (SG 18)

Download the PDF Copy

Deadline of Submission of Requirements

This is still on going. This job publication was posted by Non-Uniformed Personnel Affairs Division, NUPAD, PNP DPRM in their official Facebook Page last June 26, 2020 only.

NUP Hiring 2020 Facebook

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Just neglect the deadline written in the PDF copy of the publication. According to NUPAD, PNP DPRM, please DISREGARD the deadline indicated but submit ASAP your document/folder to the respective Office/Unit thru courier.

NUP Hiring Deadline 1

If you are interested to apply for the PNP NUP Hiring, make sure to coordinate with the Office or Unit concerned. Again, please disregard the indicated deadline in the PDF.

NUP Hiring Deadline 2

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How to Apply to the PNP NUP Hiring

1. Check the available positions in the PDF. Take note of the minimum qualification standards (education, training, work experience and eligibility). The place of assignment is also included there.

2. Interested and qualified applicants should signify their interest in writing.

3. Attached the following documents to the application letter:

  • Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (Download Link) with recent passport-sized picture;
  • Performance rating in the last rating period (if applicable);
  • Photocopy of certificate of eligibility/rating/license; and
  • Photocopy of Transcript of Record

4. Send through courier to the contact person that can be found in the PDF.

Source: nupad.dprm


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