PNP Online Portal | Male and Female Applicants (Attrition Quota)

The PNP Recruitment and Selection Service (PNP-RSS) posted an announcement regarding the opening date of the PNP Online Portal for the 2020 Attrition Quota.

PNP Online Portal | Opening Date

The following Recruiting Unit or Office is opened starting  August 25, 2020, onwards:

  • PROs 1-13
  • All NSUs except FS and CSG

PNP Online Portal 2020

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What do you need to prepare?

For initial requirements kindly prepare the following in PDF format:

1. Mayor’s Recommendation (Original);
2. PSA issued a birth certificate of PNP applicant /personnel (Original);
3. Photocopy of valid ID with 3 specimen signature;
4. PSA issued Advisory on Marriage of PNP applicant /personnel (Original);
5. PSA issued Advisory on Marriage of Spouse (Original);
6. PSA issued Marriage Contract (Original);
7. PSA issued Birth Certificate of dependents (Original);
8. PSA issued Certificate of Non-Marriage (CENOMAR) [Original];
9. Affidavit of undertaking regarding incontestability of Declared Birth Date;
10. College Diploma (authenticated);
11. Transcript of Records (authenticated);
12. Good Moral Character (authenticated) [from school];
13. Eligibility Report of Rating (authenticated);
14. PRC Eligibility shall also attach the Authenticated PRC Licensed ID (date of authentication is CY 2020);
15. Barangay Clearance (Original);
16. Police Clearance (Original);
17. Mayor’s Clearance (Original);
18. Prosecutor/Fiscal Clearance (Original);
19. NBI Clearance (Original);
20. Municipal Trial Court (MTC)/Metropolitan Trial Court (METC) Clearance (Original);
21. Regional Trial Court (RTC) [Original];
22. Service Record from Previous employment on the government service, if any (Original);
23. 1 colored Whole-Body Picture (White V-Neck Shirt, Maong Pants and White Rubber Shoes);
24. 1 colored Bust-size(White V-Neck);
25. 2×2 colored with Name Tag (White V-Neck);
26. Tax Identification Number (if any);
27. Height Waiver issued by NAPOLCOM (authenticated), if any; and
28. Age Waiver issued by NAPOLCOM (authenticated), if age is 31 and ABOVE.

Special Recruitment Announcement

In line with the COVID 19 Pandemic, there will be a special number of PNP Applicants for the following Medical Courses:

1. Medical Technologist;
2. Psychologist;
3. Psychometrician;
4. Nurse; and
5. Physical Therapist.

Attrition Link Portal

Please select the following link:


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Salary of Patrolman/Patrolwoman

According to the PNP Salary Per Rank, the monthly base pay of Patrolman or Patrolwoman (Police Officer 1) is PhP 29,668.

Source: Facebook Page of PNP Recruitment and Selection Service – PNP RSS


  1. Are you accepting a returning OFW with disability? I am working using an artificial left leg below the knee by a titanium metal with silicon liner and pin lock. For the last 3- years using my artificial left leg, I worked in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates as Department Head.

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