PNP ORAS (Online Recruitment Application System) | Applicants’ Guide

All aspiring Police Officers can now apply online via PNP ORAS (Online Recruitment Application System). Here are the step by step guides to follow.

How to apply as Police Officers using PNP ORAS

1. Go to the Website of PNP ORAS

In the home page, there are two blue buttons: 1) How to Apply Online and 2) Join Now. Click the Join Now blue button which is located at the lowest part of the homepage.

2. Create an Account

Once you clicked the Join Now button, you will be redirected in a form to create an account. Please provide a working and accessible email address. User Account will be sent thru the email address provided. You need to have an at least 8 characters for the password. Make sure to remember that.

WARNING! Any discrepancy of information from your Birth Certificate will result in OUTRIGHT DISQUALIFICATION.

PNP Online Recruitment 2

3. Check Your Email and Activate Your Account

Once you clicked the submit button, you will receive this green notification: Successfully Registered! Please check your email for verification and your Username and Password. You may login at the upper corner of this website.

PNP Oras Email

In your email, you must receive a link for the activation. Your username is your email address and the password is the one that you entered in the previous form.

4. Log In to Your Account

You can see the log in icon at the upper right corner of the website.

PNP Oras Log In

5. Accomplish Application Form Page 1 (Personal Information)

First you need to choose the Recruiting Unit or Office. You can choose among the following:

PNP Offices

Then proceed to Personal Information. You need to fill out every box. You cannot proceed to the next if there’s one box left unanswered.

PNP Oras 1

WARNING: This application must be filled out personally by the applicant. Any false information or misinterpretation made in this information form is a ground for disqualification and filing of criminal action against the applicant.

5. Accomplish Application Form Page 2 (Eligibilities)

You need to be eligible in order to apply as Police Officers 1. It can be RA 1080, RA 6506, PD 907, CSC Professional, CSC PO1, or NAPOLCOM. Attached the document to support your eligibility.

PNP Oras 2

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6. Accomplish Application Form Page 3 (Educational Information)

You must be at least a college graduate or possess a formal baccalaureate degree from a recognized learning institution.

PNP Oras 3

7. Accomplish Application Form Page 4 (Previous Employment)

PNP Oras 4

8. Accomplish Application Form Page 5 (Character Reference)

PNP Oras 5

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9. Click the Submit Button

Make sure that all information and/or statements in this application are all true and correct. You should be fully aware that any false information or statement provided in this application shall render liable for criminal prosecution.

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  1. Good day po sir/maam..nag online registration po ako pero mali po kasi yong na type ko na diko po ma activate yong registration ko ..pano po yon sir/maam? Ngayon po tenatry kung mag register uli pero sabi po “Name exist” na daw po …pano po yan ? Salamat po and GOd Bless

  2. Good afternoon po.

    Bakit di po ako makapili nong Recruiting Unit/Office po? Di po ako makatuloy sa next page

  3. Good day! please help. I am having issue on choosing recruitment unit or office. Whenever I click the drop down button (Chose One) there are no list appears. That is why I can’t proceed on updating my details. appreciate your help with this!

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