20 Tips on How to Pass the Civil Service Exam

These are some of the tips for Civil Service Exam – before, during, and after you take the exam. We do not guarantee that when you do all these tips, you will pass the exam. But we can guarantee you that there is a high probability of passing the exam if you take heed of these tips for Civil Service Exam.

Tips for Civil Service Exam (BEFORE)

Tip #1. Know the coverage and format of the CSE.

It is essential to know the common questions that appear in the civil service exam. Being familiar with the coverage and the format will remove the element of surprise and help you to answer more effectively.

Tip #2. Do not rely on luck or leave it to chance.

If you were an exceptional student in school, then you probably do not need to study as hard. If you were an average student, then you need to put in more time and effort.

Tip #3. Study.

Unless your job requires you to solve mathematical word problems on a regular basis, you probably do not remember how to compute age problems, work problems, and distance problems anymore, just to name a few. If you do remember, it will probably take you some time to answer. This is why you need to study in order to refresh your memory and to pass the CSE.

Tip #4. Read. Do not memorize.

Most people make the mistake of memorizing the answers to reviewers. This is a faulty approach, not to mention a complete waste of time. For one, the exam questions change every year. For another, good CSE Reviewers only try to simulate the actual exam by providing sample questions to train you to answer correctly. What you need to understand is how the answers are arrived at.

Tip #5. Choose a good reviewer.

A good reviewer will provide you a compilation of the basic concepts that you need to re-learn, as well as some exercises and practice tests to work on.

Tip #6. Attend a quick refresher course.

If time and budget permit, then enroll in a review class for a quick refresher course. A good review program will not only teach you what to study, but more importantly, how to study for the civil service exam.

Tip #7. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

Take a diagnostic test, and make an honest assessment of your skills. Find out which areas you are good at, and which areas you need to improve on.

Tip #8. Form a study group.

Studying alone can be boring at times. Find out who among your classmates or co-workers will be taking the test. Invite them to form a study group.

Tip #9. Be confident.

Adopt a winning attitude. After putting in the time and the effort, you must believe that you have what it takes to pass the civil service exam. It is easy to be discouraged and to quickly lose interest if you do not have any faith in yourself.

Tip #10. Eat brain-boosting foods.

While studying for the CSE, eat brain foods like nuts and dark chocolates to be mentally alert and to improve your memory.

Tip #11. Exercise. Eat right. Stay healthy.

Having a sound mind and a sound body will get you on the right track. Eat right. Exercise daily. Study religiously. All three should be part of your daily routine while preparing for the CSE.

Tip #12. Sleep.

Every day, after you study, make sure that you get enough rest. This will help your mind and body to recover and to be ready for another round of studying the following day.

Tips for Civil Service Exam (ON THE DAY)

Tip #13. Eat a hearty breakfast. Bring drinks, candies, and biscuits.

Do not go to the exam room with an empty stomach as this will likewise affect your concentration. Prepare your favorite food to get you in a good mood. Eat a hearty breakfast to start your day right. Bring water or any non-alcoholic beverage in a clear or transparent container to keep yourself hydrated while taking the CSE.

Tip #14. Dress for comfort.

Choose an outfit that is decent, relaxed, and casual. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Take note that sleeveless shirts or blouses, short pants, and slippers are prohibited.

Tip #15. Remember to bring all the requirements.

Make sure that you put all the requirements in your bag before you leave for the CSE. There is nothing worse than being sent home and not being able to take the test after months of preparation.
• ID
• application receipt
• official receipt
• notice of school assignment from the Online Notice of School Assignment
• ball pens

Tip #16. Never leave an item blank.

The CSE is not a right-minus-wrong test. There is no penalty for incorrect answers. So if you do not know or if you are not sure of the answer, then take a guess.

Tip #17. Do not waste too much time on difficult questions.

Do not spend too much time on difficult questions. If you are taking too long on a particular item, then move on to the next. Your goal is to answer as many easy questions as possible.

Tip #18. Pray.

Hard work combined with prayer is the best recipe for success.

Tips for Civil Service Exam (AFTER)

Tip #19. Forget about it.

After taking the test, the waiting game begins. There is nothing you can do about it anymore. Instead of worrying, try to put it off your mind.

Tip #20. Do not give up.

If you do not succeed this time, try again next time. Do not be discouraged. Do not lose hope. But do learn from your mistakes. Do not take the civil service exam again doing exactly what you did the last time. Ask yourself where you went wrong and how you could have prepared better, then make some adjustments accordingly.

Source: cseprepper.com

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