Rain-Induced Landslides | What to Do Before, During and After

Rain-induced landslides (Pagguho ng lupa sanhi ng pag-ulan) are caused by heavy rain due to storms and southwest monsoon (habagat) is the sliding down of soil, rocks or mud from an elevated place like a mountain or cliff resulting in houses or structures, properties and even people being buried.

Rain-Induced Landslides

What To Do Before A Rain-Induced Landslide

  1. Study the condition in your area and watch out for signs of possible landslide like cracking of soil or sudden gush of water from the soil.
  2. Monitor landslide through weather reports and landslide hazards maps or log on to Project NOAH.
  3. Know where the safest way to the nearest evacuation center.
  4. Evacuate immediately in cases of non-stop rainfall and when there are signs of landslide.
  5. Prepare your survival kit with provisions like food, drinking water, flashlight, transistor radio, etc.

What To Do During A Rain-Induced Landslide

  1. If you are hiding inside the house or building and evacuation is no longer possible, stay inside and get under a table.
  2. If you are outside, avoid areas that may be affected by landslide and if possible go to an elevated and safe place.
  3. If landslide can no longer be avoided, lie down in a fetal position and protect your head.
  4. If you are driving, don’t cross bridges and roads that are about to collapse and avoid falling rocks and soil.

What To Do After A Rain-Induced Landslide

  1. Avoid going to places affected by landslide as the hazard might recur.
  2. Watch out for possible flash floods if the landslide blocked the water flow.
  3. Check for missing persons and report it to authorities so that rescue operations can start immediately.
  4. Monitor the latest advisories and warnings from the radio and TV or log to Project NOAH. Report damaged power and water lines, telephone installations and other utility facilities.
  5. Check for damaged foundation and other parts of the house or building. Immediately have repairs done once there is no longer landslide threat.

Survival Kit for Disaster and Emergency

Source: Reference for Emergency and Disaster (STII DOST)

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