How to Invest on RTBs Online | 4.375% Per Annum (3-Year Maturity)

The Bureau of Treasury (BOT) has officially announced the availability of Retails Treasury Bonds (RTBs) for 2020. Here are the details on how to invest online.

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RTBs Online Procedures

1. Log on to BOT website.

  • Read through the details of the investment before purchasing RTBs.
  • Once understood, click “Ready to Order”.

2. Accomplished the required ordering form.

  • Input required information into Ordering Form.
  • Select settlement bank.
  • Agree to terms and conditions.

RTBs ordering form

3. Pay the principal cost.

  • Log on to chosen settlement bank’s online payment facility.
  • Zero transactions fee.

4. Proof of Investment.

  • Notice of successful payment maybe printed as your proof of investment in RTBs.
  • System-generated notice of successful payment shall be sent to your designated email address.

Official Selling Agents of RTBs

RTBs Selling Agents



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