What is Salary Grade 14 and its equivalent compensation?

The following permanent positions in the government have an equivalent pay scale of Salary Grade 14 also known as SG14.

Examples of Positions with Salary Grade 14

  • Administrative Officer II
  • Advertising Officer II
  • Archivist I
  • Audio-Visual Aids Technician IV (for deletion)
  • Ballistician I
  • Board Secretary I
  • Cashier II (for deletion)
  • Cinematographer
  • Computer Operator IV (for deletion)
  • Court Secretary I
  • Court Stenographer IV
  • Dentist I
  • Document Examiner II
  • Draftsman IV
  • Election Precincts Analyst II
  • Executive Assistant I
  • Fidelity Bond Examiner II
  • Financial Claims Examiner II
  • Firearms and Explosives Processor IV
  • Firefighter IV
  • Food Technology II
  • Guidance Coordinator I
  • Guidance Services Associate II
  • Head Teacher I
  • Health Education and Promotion Officer II
  • History Researcher II
  • Information Systems Researcher II
  • Instructor III
  • Intellectual Property Rights Specialist I
  • International Science Relations Officer II
  • Laboratory Inspector III
  • Land Registration Examiner II
  • Language Researcher II
  • Law Reform Associate II
  • Legal Assistant III
  • Legislative Staff Officer I
  • Market Supervisor II
  • Mathematician II
  • Metals Technologist V
  • Mining Claims Examiner II
  • Museum Researcher II
  • Nutrition Officer II
  • Park Maintenance Supervisor
  • Political Affairs Officer I
  • Polygraph Examiner II
  • Postage Stamps Custodian II
  • Postmaster III
  • Printing Quality Control Officer II
  • Production Planning and Control Officer II
  • Records Management Analyst II
  • Records Officer II (for deletion)
  • Registration Officer II
  • Respiratory Therapist II
  • Sales and Promotion Supervisor II
  • Sales Representative IV
  • School Farming Coordinator II
  • Science Documentation Officer II
  • Science Education Associate II
  • Senior Administrative Assistant II
  • Senior Agrarian Reform Program Technologist
  • Shrine Curator II
  • Slaughterhouse Master II
  • Special Education Teacher I
  • Special Operations Officer II
  • Speech Therapist II
  • Sports and Games Regulation Officer II
  • Sports Development Officer II
  • Supply Officer II (for deletion)
  • University Extension Associate II
  • University Research Associate II
  • Volunteer Service Officer II
  • Waterworks Supervisor
  • Youth Development Officer II

Monthly Compensation for Salary Grade 14 in the Philippines

According to the latest Salary Grade Table (via Salary Standardization Law), Salary Grade 14 has a monthly compensation of PhP 33,843 for the basic pay. The bonuses and allowances are not yet included.

You can check this link (via Messenger) to be updated with ongoing Salary Standardization.

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