Join SEARCA Photo Contest | 1st Prize (800 USD)

The SEARCA Photo Contest is an annual activity of the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA). Here are the details for this year’s contest:

Prizes | SEARCA Photo Contest

  • USD 800 – First prize
  • USD 500 – Second prize
  • USD 300 – Third prize
  • USD 200 – People’s Choice via Facebook

Guidelines | SEARCA Photo Contest

  1. The photo contest is open to all Southeast Asian nationals except SEARCA employees and their immediate family members.
  2. Entries must focus on the theme, Managing Climate Uncertainties and Scarce Water Resources.
  3. Submissions are accepted only via the SEARCA Photo Contest 2018 online submission portal within the contest period (1 September to 30 November 2018). Each contestant can submit unlimited number of entries that meet contest specifications.
  4. Each contestant must certify the following:
    1. Ownership of the photo entry, and that SEARCA is granted full permission for official use of the photo (SEARCA gives due credit to the photographer of an image that is officially used);
    2. Originality of the photo entry, and that it has not won any previous photo contest/s, has not been published elsewhere (print or electronic), and has not been submitted to any other photo contest/s during the SEARCA Photo Contest 2018 period. Furthermore, the same/ similar photos submitted to past SEARCA photo contests will be disqualified; and
    3. Photo has not been digitally altered and/or enhanced in any way (except simple cropping).
  5. Entries must be digital, colored, in JPEG format and at least 3,000 pixels wide for a horizontal image, or 3,000 pixels tall for a vertical image at 300 dpi.
  6. An entry should have the following details in English:
    1. Name of photographer and country of origin
    2. Photo caption/description
    3. Place where the photo was taken (include town/municipality, province/state, and country)
    4. Date taken (day/month/year)
    5. Equipment/type of camera used

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What to capture?

This photo contest complements SEARCA’s intent to put the limelight on managing climate uncertainties and water scarcity in Southeast Asia through curating exceptional photos, particularly on the following categories:

Science and technology innovations

  • Water management (e.g., irrigation systems; dam and other water catchment infrastructure; water conservation; improved aquaculture practices)
  • High-level research in research centers and farmer-level research (e.g., drought-/flood-tolerant crop varieties; indigenous technologies; farmer-to-farmer learning)
  • Partnership of scientists, researchers, and farmers in generating and applying technologies
  • Dissemination/exchange of information (e.g., farmers using farm advisories via cellphone apps; farm visits; farmer trainings; farmer-to-farmer mentoring)
  • Other forms of institutional support to farmers (e.g., financing/insurance payment for damaged crops; crop storage in government facilities)

Efficient and sustainable food production

  • Sustainable farming practices of smallholder farmers (e.g., organic farming, agroforestry, cultivation of multiple crops)
  • Conservation practices in managing natural resources (e.g., soil and water); focusing on interrelationships between ecosystems (e.g., ridge-to-reef)
  • Urban farming (e.g., indoor farming/farm factories; urban gardening)
  • Promotion of agriculture to the youth (e.g., education; package agriculture as profitable and interesting through farm tourism; small farm investment; and the use of software technology in farming)
  • Preservation of heritage and culture of farming communities

Cause and/or effect of climate change and/or water scarcity

  • Erratic weather disturbances (e.g., strong typhoons, flooding, drought, rising sea levels; forest fires)
  • Degradation of farmlands, soil quality, and water quality (e.g., deforestation, overuse of synthetic fertilizer, water pollution, fish kill)

Deadline: Submit online by 30 November 2018 (+GMT 8:00)

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