SSS Peso Fund | Minimum Investment is PhP 1,000 ONLY!

Thinking about what the future holds is too much of a hassle. Working your head out to secure your future is even more stressful! Pause for a second and answer this question: Are you an active paying member of the Social Security System (SSS)? If you are, then worry no more. SSS has got you covered. Through the SSS PESO Fund, you can now ensure yourself a pleasant future.

What is SSS PESO Fund?

The PESO (Personal Equity and Savings Option) Fund helps you enjoy your post-retirement life by being able to afford daily expenses, pursue a hobby or two, and be ready for emergencies. It allows you to save for the future as early as possible, even little by little. 

Technically, PESO Fund is a provident fund in which some SSS members voluntarily invest. It is a risk-free investment method that uses compound interest, ensuring the investor guaranteed earnings and tax-free benefits.

Consider the PESO Fund as a kind of an upgrade to your regular SSS program. It enables you to save more than what the regular SSS program allows. In that way, the more you invest in your early years, the higher benefits you receive in your future.

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PESO Fund is open to all SSS active members (employees, self-employed (SE), voluntary (VM), and OFW members), with the following minimum qualifications:

  • Not more than 54 years old;
  • Regularly pays a maximum amount of Regular SSS contributions for at least six (6) consecutive months within the 12 months; and
  •  Has not filed any final claim under the Regular SSS program.

Enrollment Procedure

To enroll for PESO Fund, download the PESO Fund Enrollment Form here. Accomplish it and head on to the nearest SSS branch office along with your SS Card or any two valid IDs.

You may also opt for online enrollment using My.SSS account at

What are the features of the SSS PESO Fund?


Members may contribute to the PESO Fund at any time provided that the Regular SSS contribution has been settled for the month. The allowable contribution is a maximum of Php500,000.00 per annum and a minimum of Php1,000.00 per contribution.

Fund Allocation

The PESO Fund contribution is wisely allocated into three types of accounts:

  1. 65% goes to Retirement/Total disability(based on the 5-year T-bond rate);
  2. 25% goes to Medical (based on 364-day T-bill rate); and
  3. 15% goes to general purposes such as education, housing, livelihood, and unemployment (based on 364-day T-bill rate).

All accounts come with guaranteed earnings.


If the member reaches five years or more in the PESO Fund, he/she may withdraw for up to 35% of his/her total contributions. For the members of less than five years, an additional charge or penalty and a management fee shall be carried out upon withdrawal.

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Account Maturity

Once a member successfully filed for retirement/total disability, he/she shall receive his/her PESO Fund contributions plus the earnings received during the investment period, in addition to the benefits he/she shall receive from the regular SSS program.

If the member dies, all amounts shall be received by the listed beneficiaries.

For more information, you may contact SSS through:


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